Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Experiment 15: A letter to my 100 year old self

Hello me, it's you. The 2017, twenty-one year old you from seventy-nine years ago. Let's agree to ignore the mess of pronouns and just use whatever pops into our head. To be honest, I'm surprised that we made it to one-hundred. Hopefully we found something fun to spend our time on along the way, or someone to spend it with. Do we have robotic wrists to replace our garbage fleshy ones yet? I hope we still have all our mental faculties together, our family doesn't have the greatest track record with that. Can I even address you as we? How much of the me who is writing this letter is still left eight decades from now? Did you kill me off in favor of a better version of myself along the way? Or did you just swap out the bad parts and add on new ones to create a patchwork version of us? Do you still like the same things that I do now? Please make it a priority to join Starfleet if that's an option, it should be coming up soon.

Have fun lad.

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